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Interim Governance Quick Start

How will it work for Advocates?

In addition to our cred multiplier prompt for tracking Advocate contributions, which is accounted for on our Sourcecred instance. Our Policykit bot will prompt these reactions :turtle: :wolf: :bear:. In Didathings this will give us a nice feel over time of where individuals see themselves in the system design; while P2P reactions in Props will give us a sense of how the collective feels about each other in regard to ecosystem function in this meta structure design. At the end of each week, these contributions guide the distribution of rewards attached the Advocates $1M stacking pool!

How will it work for Advocate Sourcecred instance maintainers?

We can track the cred flow(Sourcecred) of all this in JSON files. We can use weights in unique way that will allow us to see least or most predominant reactions per member over time. This will allow a fairly granular feel for where we might want to start in our first delegation efforts.

While not everyone may want to directly be involved with governance, knowing the delegation paths where our voices can be heard when necessary is nice indirect & useful means to streamlining decisions while avoiding gridlock.

What is the point of the crowded prompt?

For temporarily classifying what kind of ecosystem function the contributor, in case of Didathing, or our Advocate peers in case of Props, view the respective contributions. This will be key to empowering paths delegation; gathering a sense of collective core values; and setting preventative initial conditions for sustainable scalability.

How long will the prompt stay crowded?

We’re thinking tentatively around 6 weeks. This will give us time for both tracking morphology of results & technical preparations in moving from alpha server to main discord server.

What happens during the 6 weeks?

After a decided period of time, we can have a couple brief sense making sessions with the results as our guide. We shouldn’t feel anything is written in stone with results of session & view it as an interim for more robust and less manual system in the server.

These sessions will equip us to select temporary representatives of each :turtle: :wolf: :bear:. Here we can protect for voices of female contributors by establishing female & male reps alike. Formal decision making paths that are free from male interference in decision making efforts & vice versa.

Enabling unique chance for autonomy driven dialogue when the six reps do come together for formal decisions. Non-binary folks are not to be excluded from these processes; as the protocol is intended to protect regenerative potential across all strains of life. Authentic autonomy beyond our human communities, into our ecologies & even solar systems. The autonomy here is to signal genuine dialogue & inclusion rather than exclusion, coercion or malicious interference of expressive freedoms.

This selection of reps in our modifiable three clan system would complete an interim governance system. The sole power of the female rep’s selection of the male reps is also another key to the protocols. Of course if there is good reason for objection, the selection is only final with the collective nod to a core values based selection. Interim here meaning that while we finish writing policies in PolicyKit — we can achieve peer to peer education & dialogue consensus testing manually in the meantime.


Interim Policy Writing

Something we are looking forward to is the chance to use our interim governance model alongside Policy Kit! Once we have basic delegation paths for our formal decision making, we can leverage PK as a driver for Metagov, which can wrap around any of the community processes we feel is the best design. For now, we hope transparency can guide our governance efforts, and that PK can help us achieve genuine bottom up quorums across time zones.

Our three clan metastructure for delegation paths can inform document uploads to PK; with proper checks before passes of posts to discord that look like the example below. If these approaches work together, we can achieve a nice flow of visible bottom up decisions. Making for beautiful placeholder for much more robust policy writing that translates comprehensive protocols for indigenous modes of organization.

Thanks to Hozz’s hard work, we have also already started the move to the main Stacks discord! Cred accounting from our test server was merged with accounting now happening live on our main discord server! A whole lot of data has also been successfully loaded to our SC instance, including a whole lot of discord history. We want to be sure to thank Hozz very kindly for all this careful execution on behalf of the advocate community. :purple_heart:

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