Adding Username Issue

I just registered about an hour ago and the first thing I did was add my username “”. I went through the process that was prompted on the screen and successfully sent my payment. After that completed I returned to account tab where it had the clock next to my username so I left it there to process my purchase. About 5-10 minutes ago I went back and it had the “Add A Username” button under my name. Now when I try to attempt to add the username I just purchased it tells me its already taken…

I am pretty sure I am using the latest version since I just downloaded Blockstock an hour ago. The explorerer is telling me that the username does not exist…

I had a similar issue. According to Blockstack team, this happens when the name registration gets interrupted for some reason. In my case it was upgrading the Blockstack when the name registration was still in progress. After a day or so, the Blockstack ID that I was trying to purchase became available again and I repurchased it.
Steps in Blockstack ID registration process (AFAIK):

  1. A transaction is initiated with the fee for Blockstack ID from your Blockstack wallet address (NAME_PREORDER)
  2. After the first transaction is confirmed in blockchain, I guess there is some kind of process happening in Blockstack (see the explorer) for the block containing the transaction. Once it’s processed, the number of name operations in that block will be displayed in the explorer.
  3. Once the NAME_PRORDER is processed, Blockstack kicks off another transaction from the Blockstack wallet address to the identity address (the one prefixed with ID- in your profile page) - (NAME_REGISTRATION)
  4. The NAME_REGISTRATION transaction needs to be confirmed in blockchain and processed by Blockstack for the clock next to the username (Blockstack ID) to disappear.

The first time I attempted, after waiting 12hrs, I grew impatient and ended up interrupting the process by upgrading Blockstack browser.
When I attempted the second time, it took ~4hrs for this entire process, but I got the name registered.
Hope this helps.


Just checked and everything is good now! Thanks for your response.

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