Adding a storage network as a Gaia Hub


I am building a decentralized cloud storage network for developers called, similar to storj.
Developers currently use our SDKs for desktop and web to integrate and use our storage in their app, usage charged through credits (tokens with fixed price).

My Questions:

  1. How can we offer our network as a hub on Gaia, so that developers can use it as an alternative to hubs deployed on AWS/Google Cloud etc. The current documentation is for centralized cloud providers if I am not wrong.
  2. Any APIs currently available/in the pipeline for for-profit hubs to be able to charge developers or users based on usage?

You can create an API that follows the spec listed in the README here:

Along with parsing tokens according to the spec also in the README.

You could put it under a route such as or something of that sort.

edit:, also, no APIs for charging yet – you could work out checking the user address from the association token and then attaching a payment method to that address, billing them monthly or what have you.

This is what I’d recommend doing – just re-generate your whitelist every billing cycle. It shouldn’t matter to the Gaia hub how (or if) users pay.

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Great! Thank you for the suggestions.