Added presence plugin

I installed the discourse presence plugin. It’s supposed to show who else is writing a reply at the same time as you.

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It broke “New Topic” on mobile safari, so I removed it. :frowning:

Oh that sounds pretty cool though! Does it break the functionality or the styling? Could we fix this @guylepage3 @larry?

@ryan It made the “New Topic” button stop working on Mobile Safari -> tapping on it wouldn’t do anything anymore. I can give it another try tomorrow and see if I can fix it.

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@ryan Fixed it :smiley:

I’ve submitted a pull request upstream, but in the meantime, our forums are using my fork of the discourse-presence plugin.

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Awesome! Is it already live on our deployment?

Yes! (screenshot above is from our deployment)

Log in with different accounts in different browsers and reply to the same topic to see it in action.


This presence plugin is pretty damn cool. Well done @larry.