Action on Stacks Board Feedback

Hello Stacks Forum :slight_smile:

During the last Stacks Board meeting I served as the community observer. The meeting went very well, I mostly listened and kept track of the highlights below. Next steps are to reach out to the community and support engagement with these initiatives:

  1. Explore SIPs Grants
  2. STX is developing ERC20 & ERC721 equivalents
  3. Grants may favor a Stacks DEX (ala uniswap)
  4. Entrepreneurs gravitate towards liquidity
  5. Evangelize “App Chains” enabling Dapps rewards in Bitcoin

There are a few ways we can explore these, depending on what needs to be said.

  1. The SIPs Grants are an idea to invest into the Stacks community infrastructure. We could investigate and report on this special case, or ask an open question and organize that community feedback.

  2. The STX development might benefit from another volunteer or two. We could communicate this challenging interest to specific community members or groups.

  3. There is interest in creating a Decentralized Exchange, ala uniswap etc. What exactly might be funded is VERY subjective, but it’s a topic of interest. How do we spread this topic? How do we track on these community developments?

4 & 5. Why will entrepreneurs choose Stacks? The minting tokens unique to some ecosystem, such as a company or a community, tokens that can be exchanged for Bitcoin via the PoX capability, is a great pitch. How can we communicate this challenging interest?

Tony and I are organizing a Community Q&A on how App Chains enable Bitcoin rewards; Would anyone like to run the event itself while we organize the content? Know someone that would?

Thank you all again for your support, and looking forward to hearing from community members here on the Stacks Forum.