Accredited doesn't seem like an advantage?

I’m an accredited investor, but I don’t see the advantage in buying Stack via Coinlist in November versus getting a getting a voucher to buy Stack at a future date.

Sample scenario…
Accredited option: Invest X amount of BTC/ETH/USD now and get tokens at a future date.
Non-accredited option: Invest X amount of BTC/ETH/USD at a later date for the same price as the November accredited sale price and get tokens at the same future date as accredited investors.

Am I missing something? :confused:

@treys If you are an accredited investor you can buy a large amount. There are caps on the amount that the voucher holders can buy.


@jackzampolin Ahh… Thanks. Do you know what that cap number is in terms of USD?


Unaccredited Max Allocation: $3k
Accredited Max Allocation: $3M