Accessing Your Own Gaia Storage Hub Data

This might be a dumb question, but how do I access my own Gaia Storage. If I were using cloud storage, I’d be able to access Dropbox or Box or whatever and see all the data I have stored across all connected Blockstack apps. However, with Gaia Storage, I can’t figure out how to access this.

There are actual use cases around a need to access this (especially in the early stages of Blockstack apps), specifically this one:

I am using an app that allows me to enter data to be used in the app. That data is stored in my Gaia storage hub. However, the app developer, maybe, forgot to include an edit or delete link. I should still have access to delete data manually myself, right?

Maybe this is already possible and I’m just missing it, but I read through the write up @jude put together here and couldn’t figure it out.


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That’s exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks so much!

Actually, looks like that only gives basic profile data like social media verifications, token, etc. I’m looking to see data I have stored across Blockstack apps. For example, if I use the beta version of Guild, I’m storing data on Gaia storage. How would I see that if I weren’t in the app?

Does that make sense?

If it’s helpful, another use case for this is app development. Being able to see and seed storage during development makes it easier to fake data as you’re building.

I think @jude @larry can answer your questions. :relaxed:

@larry and @ryan (or anyone else with input),

I’m still pretty interested in this. The more I dive into Blockstack development, the more necessary I think it is for me to be able to access my storage data for seeding and for editing (rather than having to go through whatever app flow is in place to add data).

But more importantly, the ability to see my data as an end-user is fundamental to Blockstack’s mission. If I own my data, I’d like to be able to see it all across all the Blockstack apps I use. This would be possible if my data were stored on Dropbox, so I’m sure it’s possible with Gaia storage as well.

Thanks all!


I’m also looking for an answer for this, I’m currently working an app and it’s like developing blindfolded.

Hey everyone,

I put this in the technical FAQ :slight_smile:

Direct link:

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Okay, so I’ve created my Blockstack ID, and I’ve experimented with a few apps. For instance, I’ve signed-in to the dotPodcast app and subscribed to a few podcasts. When I hit the following URL (derived from the FAQ link shared above) I see a nice payload of profile info, but there is no apps node:

I thought perhaps I am querying the wrong endpoint, so I checked http://localhost:8888/account/api and found what appears to be a local endpoint:


So I tried that, but received the following response:

{"error": "Blockstack daemon error: Failed to contact Blockstack node.  Try again with `--debug`."}

What am I misunderstanding? How can I view my full profile data?


Hey @crazy0ak,

I’m seeing an apps bundle in your profile:

"apps": {
   "": ""

We had a little bit of downtime last night on the public Blockstack Core nodes, which might explain the error you’re seeing. Does it work now?

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@jude We also have same issue and do we have a way to access the data stored in GAIA hub (as JSON file).
Please let us know.