Accessing the data on my default storage

The point of blockstack is to give me control of my data. How can I access the “default storage” so I can see the data from all the apps I have used? I am on the windows version of blockstack.


You can download it directly if you can generate the URL to it. We’re working on a way to make it easier to enumerate the set of files. See this example:

Appreciate it, thanks! I think its really important that you have a way to retrieve an organised document of all your data, in one GUI. If the decentralized internet is to succeed, new users, who aren’t tech inclined, should be able to visibly see the effect that blockstack is having on their privacy. People need to see it to believe its a different experience.

I agree. This is something we’re in the process of adding to the Browser. The current task at hand is making it so that all Gaia drivers implement a list() API call that allows users to enumerate the files they’ve written. Once this ships, then it will be possible to build a “Gaia file explorer.”

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