Accessing same gaia data from multiple domains

Is it possible to access the same gaia storage from multiple domains? My understanding is that the app specific private key the app gets to read/write to gaia storage depends on the user’s private key as well as the app domain ( This would seemingly limit developers from creating web and mobile apps that read and write to the same storage.

My initial thoughts for a workaround would be to set up a simple server to make read and writes to gaia through so that they all come through the same domain, but I’m not sure if that’s possible since everything on blockstack is supposed to be client-side.

A solution on your end may be to allow applications to use a secret key instead of their domain to authenticate that reads/writes are all coming from the same place.

Let me know. I really want to build on blockstack but my initial impression has been that the platform is not flexible enough.

The proposed solution is collections:

Users can give any app (across domains) access to a particular type of data (defined through schema). It works by creating a new private key that is shared between apps (via the profile file, similar to shared data but encrypted).

It is available in the beta version of the browser.

It looks like I can only use the Contact collection right now right? And does this solve the issue of not being able to log into blockstack through local domains like that of a chrome extension? (Issue signing in with Blockstack through a chrome extension)

In my opinion the blockstack login process takes too long and opening the blockstack browser in another tab is annoying so I’d love to be able to create a simple chrome extension that acts like MetaMask and can easily give my web app access to the user’s blockstack storage.

You can also define your own collection and collaborate with other developers to create a default schema, look for example at Proposal: Create a ‘Document’ collection for cross-app data sharing or Proposal: Create a 'photos' collection for cross-app data sharing

For the login process, a browser extension is in development together with a connect library: