A problem with post conditions in deny mode

Recently encounter a problem with my simple domain market(price.btc.us):

Contract market(M) controls 250 escrow contracts, when a user add an ad and choose host, his name will be transferred to an escrow contract.

When a user calls market contract, it will call private update_ads function. In it, will check if someone’s ad has expired. If expired, will control correspond escrow contract to transfer name(and host deposit) back to its user.

In deny mode, how to set post conditions(dont want to use ALLOW mode, wallet also shows warning)?

In my opinion, when a user calls contract, he only cares whether his FT/NFT will lost, doesn’t care about whether contract will transfer sth to others, so no need to specify related info in post-conditions in deny mode? Or can deny mode add a field actions like only-care-myself ?

There is a proposal to improve that in Stacks 2.1: https://github.com/blockstack/stacks-blockchain/issues/2557