A _New_ 'Home Page' that feels more like Home

Hello Stackies,

I would like to propose updating the Blockstack Browser homepage to feel more like a new Web 3.0 homepage and not a traditional app os ux/ui.

A homepage should feel like home, a user should be inclined to rest on their homepage when they don’t have an idea of what to do, or simply don’t want to use any app at the moment.

When I think of the world we’re building, I think of what a new user may feel once they’ve gone through the hassle of creating an id. Should they be limited to the app that has introduced them to this new internet? or should they continue down the rabbit hole to discover why there is a new internet forming and its potential? If there’s to be mass-adoption we must make it our priority to prove at every aspect why web 3.0 is evolution- and a ux/ui that breaks conventions may be a great start.

My experience with blockchain, crypto and Blockstack is still an amazing exploration that has led me exploring the web more than I have in the past, and i’m sure the same goes for most enthusiast in this space. However for the users we’re all cultivating- Who may not care for the endless search to understand wth is going on- it would be amazing to introduce them to a platform and community that could easily make them feel like they’ve stumbled onto something special.

Talk is cheap so I look forward to developing and sharing some ux/ui options that could help push the agenda forward.



Thank you for your input. We have some ongoing github issues related to our current homepage content here:

I am not discouraging you from doing your own thing, but we would love to see some PRs for alternate or different homepage landings. @jeffd and @markmhendrickson can update in the issues or elsewhere on any specific asks or final decisions here.

It is definitely confusing to know where Blockstack is going with this versus where an isolated app would help so I have called them into this channel to elaborate as it has come up in our design channel recently as well.

Also free to come to our Engineering meeting on Wednesday to discuss or give feedback, as well as discuss in our engineering/design/blog channels. For the meetings, we post agendas in advance here in Community and Meeting category: https://forum.blockstack.org/c/community/meetings and try to remind people in slack as well.

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Thanks for bringing this up @scoge2222.id.blockst, and @retired_user rightfully points out some improvements to the next version of the Browser that should hopefully make the homepage feel more like “home”.

Here are a couple other suggestions that have been made that could improve the browser’s personalization UX:

If you have any specific ideas about how to break UX conventions and make the Browser experience more compelling, please add more issues to that repository on GitHub (or your thoughts here – either works). We’re continually brainstorming ways to make the Browser compelling and we’d like to track and consider all input effectively.


@retired_user @markmhendrickson Thanks for the links and feedback. Looking forward to sharing some alternate examples

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Thinking of whether there should be an option to have a developer layout vs user layout.

User layouts would highlight experience centered around utility and community, while dev/enthusiast layout highlight the overall developing dapp community and advancements in the crypto / blockchain space as a whole. ie. wallets, dapp/ico news, etc.

Considered a focus ui that would increase the size dimension of a section- re-sizing the other sections- to expand onclick, displaying more of focused section.

Will share more design explorations soon.