A Guide to Hiro Support

Hi :wave: - I’m Sullivan and I’m the Community Support Associate at Hiro. This post serves as the most up-to-date guide as to where and when you can find support for Hiro products.

What is Hiro? At Hiro, we make tools for developers to build apps and smart contracts on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin. We are a proud member of the Stacks ecosystem, a collection of independent entities, developers, community members, leaders and over hundreds of thousands of STX holders working to build the next generation of apps on Bitcoin.

What Does Hiro Support Do? Our primary focus is to support our community members - users and developers alike - with Hiro’s tools. No matter what your questions, concerns or challenges are (we’ll take compliments, too!), we’re here to help. Here are a few examples of how Hiro Support can assist you:

  • Got questions related to the Hiro Wallet or Explorer? We’ll help get you unstuck.
  • Programming with Clarity for the first time and need help with Clarinet? We can point you to the right resources and tutorials.
  • Think you’ve found a bug, got a suggestion for a feature or improvement?
    Feedback is a gift. We’ll show you the best way to get that submitted.

As we expand our products and offerings, we will continue to help provide support and are eager to capture your feedback.

What are the best ways to get support?

#1: Check FAQs at Hiro.so - We regularly update our FAQs on the website! These FAQs provide step-by-step explanations of some of the most common questions and challenges. Feedback is always welcome!

#2: Email: [email protected] - Email communication is highly encouraged for specific inquiries about your Wallet and Transactions that would require you to share more private information. We often ask that you provide your wallet address, transactions IDs and screenshots of any issues you are seeing and this is best supported over email. If you post in Discord, we may re-direct your inquiry to email in order to provide more efficient and secure troubleshooting. You can expect a response within 24hrs.

#3: Discord: Discord is a great resource for community support - especially for more general questions, reports and feedback. You’ll often see Community Moderators and other users answering questions and triaging issues, too. On Discord, you can expect a typical response time within 24hrs if not sooner. Here are the channels you should be most aware of:

  • #support - New to Hiro products? Have a question for the community? Post here for general inquiries and feedback related to Hiro or Stacks ecosystem at large.
  • #wallet - Have a question about the Hiro Wallet? Want to share feedback with our team or report a bug? This is the best channel for that.
  • #explorer - Seeing errors on the Explorer you want clarification on? Questions about TXs, Blocks or Sandbox? Have feature requests or feedback? Post them all here!
  • #api - Have a question about the Stacks Blockchain API by Hiro? Find us here.
  • #general - For your daily dose of “GM” - get to know the community and ecosystem here. Inquiries can get lost in here - we recommend funneling those to other channels, mentioned above.

:bulb: Important note: Be vigilant to scammers on Discord. Never share personal information with unknown contacts or people you do not trust. Always take extra caution with links shared via DM. If in doubt, you can always check with myself or Stacks Community Moderators.

#4: Stacks Forum: The forum is another great resource for community-based support. We check the forum every afternoon to ensure we capture inquiries here daily. You can expect a response within 24hrs.

What We Don’t Do: We know there’s a lot going on within the Stacks ecosystem. While we can point you in the right direction for getting support for things like domain names, Dapps, issues with exchanges and more, we are not able to provide specific support for other entities. Hiro Support does not provide proactive support in other Discord Servers; if you see other users in outside servers seeking support, please feel free to redirect them here or to the Stacks Discord server.

Conclusion: As we continue to grow, we will iterate on guidelines and resources so that we are providing best-in-class support for our community. We are committed to always keeping our community up-to-date on changes and improvements and we welcome your feedback as we grow together!


Hello. I emailed [email protected] last week and have had no response. Can you tell me what the expected response time is for wallet related email queries?

I’m sorry for the delay here. I just checked the inbox for that support address but don’t see your message there. Mind resending to that address and CC’ing me at [email protected] for extra measure?

Hi Mark. I have emailed as requested. Can you confirm receipt?

Yep, I just followed up by email :pray:

Doea Hiro have a sperate discord guild detached from the Stacks guild channels or is Stacka guild still the best way to interact with Hiro?

There is no separate Discord server / guild. The #wallet and #explorer channels in the Stacks one is still the best way.

thank you my friend. i will ask in those channels.