A Few Questions

Hello everyone,

Just recently found this project and I have a few questions. At the moment we can only register an “.id” TLD right?

  1. I still don’t understand what that can be used for. Is it simply to create an identity on a decentralized system that in the future has the potential to be used for other stuff? Like reputation for example? is a “.id” just a name, or an identity? Is it related to BlockchainID? Are they the same, related or they don’t have anything to do with each other?

  2. We can update info about our name with blockstack update command. Can we add anything we want as long as it has a key:value pair? In the examples it shows “name”, “bio”, “website”. What can we include other than that? Any pair we want?

  3. I didn’t understand the following: “To get a list of the names you own, run the blockstack names command:” but who is “me”? My original identity? Is it my bitcoin address? So I start with a bitcoin address and with it I can register many names that can then be owned by me? So in the beginning there’s a Bitcoin address A that can register a “.id” name that will be owned by address A right?

  4. With the “whois” info we can discover the owner of a name. Suppose I want to trade names, how can I contact the owner of a certain name once I discover the address who owns it? I guess it’s part of the plans to have someone or some service to develop some kind of communication channel between IDs? When you say the Blockchain ID namespace is being utilized by services like Onename, Nametiles, OB1, Bitseed and more, is that ID namespace, the “.id” TLD?

  5. In the future the plan is to be able to register “.site”, “.file”, TLDs right? So, are these domains/names owned by the “.id” name assuming the “.id” name is an identity, or are they owned by the bitcoin address that registered them? Couldn’t an address register “.site” name and not a “.id” name?

  6. Is Blockstacks objective to create a network around bitcoin services where anyone can navigate? Like being able to access openbazaar, alexandria,etc, all from this application?

  7. “.file” is for notarized services. Do you plan on doing it for Factom since is widely known?

  8. What if I create a “.store” name called “XYZ” and there is already a store on OB called “XYZ”, won’t there be a conflict? Will the owner of the store be forced to by this name?

  9. Plans on some kind of platform to make it easier to bid for names?

I apologize for the questions. I know some are too specific or don’t matter for now as they are plans for the future. I also know the project is still at the beginning and will grow much more so sorry if any of those doesn’t make sense for now. If there is any documentation that contains all this information could you provide a link?


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I’ll take a stab at a few of these. Hopefully someone else from the community will jump in if I’m wrong.

Blockstack is a key-value store or decentralized DNS based on blockchain. It can be used for the same things generic key-value stores are used for. Blockchain ID refers to a blockstack name in the .id namespace that conforms to the Blockchain ID schema. The future is only limited to your imagination.

You can add arbitrary data, however other implementations and consumers of the data might not understand it.

I believe “me” is the private key used to register the names.

It’s the same as asking how to contact the owner of any random bitcoin address. You can contact the owner only if they make their identity public by storying some sort of information with a name that allows you to contact them.

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Thanks Larry! @Akado let us know if you have other questions :slight_smile: