A blockstack killer app. Looking for an experienced developer-partner

I am thinking of building a decentralized market for selling 0day products, trojans, worms and malware products on top of blockstack. It would be an automated decentralized blockchain-powered marketplace with a functionally encrypted negotiation area for buyers (government agencies, banks and corporations etc) and sellers (security researchers and resellers) by adding Hyrax zero-knowledge protocol (zkSNARKs without trusted setup: https://wahby.org/hyrax-oakland18-talk.pdf). The current market-size is more than USD20Billion worldwide and growing at 100% plus rate annually. Any experienced blockstack developer want to collaborate with me on mutually beneficial terms? I assure you 100% fair deal for both of us and equal sharing of financial rewards.

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Concerned that this PDF^ could itself be malware :expressionless:

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Dark market has some real demand. Devs should think about build dapp-dark-market-type on top Blockstack.

I think the most wanted is copyleft and fu*king-copyright content app/site.

  • Copyleft is not equal fu*king-copyright.
  • Before you judge me, make sure you understand what CIA, KGB, etc did/do.

Our Orch Network’s Secure MPC allows you to produce and distribute both non-clonable (enforced by zero-knowledge Nukeproofs protocol and strong mobile agents wrapping up software components and execution states) and copyleft software, games and contents. You can choose either mode of distribution and monetization. Please check out Orch Network whitepaper here: https://orch.network/static/home/docs/new_whitepaper.pdf

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