3 Failures Now--Twitte, github and Linkedin

Can not verfiy a single account —need very, very detailed info.

Hey @walterbanks,

Can you post your ID address? It’s under your “identities” page in the Browser (it looks something like this example: ID-16EMaNw3pkn3v6f2BgnSSs53zAKH4Q8YJg). I can use it to help identify what’s going wrong. Thanks!

Walter Banks


I’m sure with divine intervention I got twitter to verify, now working on Github with NO JOY.

I just checked it out. Looks like you’re good on Github and Facebook!

Regarding twitter, it looks like there’s a space in front of your identifier. I’m seeing ' WalterBanks3', but the proof-checker is expecting 'WalterBanks3'. Can you try removing that space?