2019-11-27 PUBLIC Engineering Meeting (Open to the Public)

We encourage community members, both developers, and users, to attend our public engineering meeting. Meetings are held via the Zoom application. You can listen in, ask a question or use your experience to help other attendees.

Date/Time: 2019-11-27 @ 16:00 UTC / 11:00 EDT / 24:00 HKT
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Length: 45 minutes
Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/559551975

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Meeting Agenda

The meeting will follow this flow:

waving hand Introductions

If this is your first time attending this call, please introduce yourself in the Zoom chat, or right here in the by replying to this post! backhand index pointing down

newspaper Updates / Announcements

crystal ball Special Topic

Collections — presenter @Ken L

exclamation question mark Discussion Topics / QnA


I am also going to join the engineering meeting.
I would like to show storagestack https://github.com/jorishermans/storagestack.

It would be my first attendance.

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@moxiegirl arent there supposed to be recordings for the meetings?

@dant Usually there are. I wasn’t there for that meeting, out on vaca. I don’t see that recording on our server.