2019-02-20 Engineering Meeting (Open to public)

This is an open-to-the-public meeting. Our engineering team meets and all everyone in the community is welcome — app developers, app users, and the simply curious. You can listen in, ask a question, or participate in our discussions of engineering concerns or questions.

Date/Time: 2019-02-13 @ 15:00 UTC / 10:00 EDT / 23:00 HKT
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Length: 45 minutes
Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/559551975

Final Meeting Recording


  • HoloChain: https://holochain.org/
  • Open source vs. paying for code (information/encouraging community participation)
  • Blockstack.js 19.x release
  • HoloChain: https://holochain.org/
    Looking at the 5-minutes video this looks much more in the spirit of blockstack than a smart contract platform as proposed in SIP2: agent centric, support for decentralized identity providers, proposed naming system contract, …
    It is still alpha.
    The network looks like a possible addition to/eveolution of atlas.

Would like to discuss if Michael Chappell can help out on any PBC work. Freelance or project capacity.