2019-01-09 Engineering Meeting

Date/Time: 2019-01-09 @ 15:00 UTC / 10:00 EDT / 23:00 HKT
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Length: 45 minutes
Meeting link: [https://zoom.us/j/966890423 ]

This meeting is for the engineering team, app developers and the community to discuss engineering concerns or questions.


Please reply to this forum post with items you would like included on the agenda.

Transcript of meeting

Unknown 1:00
We should maybe give a people in Hong Kong like a minute because the only agenda item I saved was actually looked at by Ken.

Unknown 2:45
What is this meeting about?

t’s normally about basically any engineering topic. So it’s a just an open engineering meeting where anybody can add agenda items. So if you look in the for just like a meetings topic, and you’ll see all of the various meeting agendas over time. Mary just added a link to the to this meetings

Unknown 3:21
where’s that link?

Unknown 3:23
It’s in the chat the zoom chat

Unknown 3:56
I’s 11 in Hong Kong Cornett to my calendar, so
could be Ken’s fell asleep? Yeah,

Unknown 4:13
I don’t I don’t think Ken’s gonna join.

So in that case, is we can discuss the QA stuff in his stead. And if if he is
strongly opposed to the stuff we decide on then he can lodge complaints.

Unknown 5:07

Cool, the things to discuss for the QA process, is basically when we want to do
the current meetings for it, because I think this is going to be a process that
we’re going through for the entire quarter.

Unknown 5:21
And so we should probably have
team meetings for the QA process

Unknown 5:32
That makes sense.

Unknown 5:34

Most most of these kind of like planning meetings take place on Mondays, so I’ll
just pick a time on Monday. Unless people have strong opposition to Monday’s

I’ll try to find a time that most people can can join for. I know, Mondays get pretty crazy.

Unknown 6:18

Then the next thing to discuss, I think, for the QA process is which of the
items we actually want to pursue. So let’s see, there’s like a QA process
document thread the link in zoom. So the case people don’t have it.

Unknown 6:52
So it’s like a couple of items listed here. So one is, like improved our automation or improve our automated test suite, which I think we should probably just absolutely do. Like, I would say that that’s probably priority number one is just like increase the kinds of testing we do and the coverage of that testing

Unknown 7:18
the other items, I think it’s like much, much more up for discussion. So added an item here like a PR repo merge checklist. So a lot of thing. So something that like a lot of repositories do, is they have basically a contributing file that like, specifies how, like, if you’re going to a PR, like, how it should be open, what the PR should do, and what the process for reviewing it is. So we actually have something like this in our Engineering Handbook, but it’s fairly generic, I think that we should have like this PR repo and also probably buy it just auto response to all prs
with this, and that matches up with the open source recommendations. Exactly. Yeah.

Unknown 8:14
So unless most people are opposed to this, I think, I think we should probably do that one as well. Yeah,

Unknown 8:21
I think that makes a lot of sense. No, I’ve seen that this like it’s like, so conventional. Yeah,

Unknown 8:35

It think for these the other items. It’s like. So internal alpha testing,
trying to do public beta testing stage rollouts. So I think for
all three of those, that I think a lot of details that would need to be hammered out, particularly like details across different repositories, because I think what all that testing what that alpha beta testing would look like change per repo.

Unknown 9:09
So I think that that’s probably something we should hammer out in the first couple QA meetings,

Unknown 9:18
I don’t think it’s likely we’re going to come to like a really great decision for that here. And then finally, an engineering support schedule um, yeah, I think this is also probably something we need to do

Unknown 9:36
and yeah, I think actually hamering out the schedule is also something that we should do in the QA we just got back that’s why Ken is away

[Brief pause while Larry and Jude join late back from meetings in China]

Unknown 10:06
or Oh, we had, um, after he brings so like I’m in a hotel. Gotcha. I say, Yeah, I saw Jude up on and then you pop on shortly thereafter, thought maybe there was some sort of like earthquake in Hong Kong, and everybody woke up at the same time?

Unknown 10:24

So, I think covers the discussion as far as like, I can lead I don’t know, I
think that in terms of like, trying to figure out a team for the QA stuff.

Unknown 11:14
I don’t know. I think people should just show up to that first meeting,
say they want to be involved in the QA process.

[Pause while Ken joins from China]

Unknown 11:30
Okay. So good today, hey. Are you finish talking about their to approximately

Unknown 11:39
we were kind of wrapping towards it? Yeah.

Unknown 11:44
Okay. Cool. Yeah.

Unknown 11:48
So what was the decision?

Unknown 12:00

I think everybody is fairly agreed on that we should do them. the remainder of
them. I think that we should probably discuss the details of like, what they
mean and what they look like for different repos in a QA process meeting

Unknown 12:21
then we floated and decided on the idea of like doing recurring meetings weekly on Monday, just trying to find a time on Monday, that would work for everyone.

Unknown 12:37
And then in terms of deciding on teams,

Unknown 12:42
I think we should kind of jump on that. Yeah,
if people people show up to the meetings, and then we’ll figure it out. And then like, in terms of like, distributing like the workload of actually doing like, increasing the test coverage and stuff like that, I think that that’s gonna be really like on a per project basis. Also something that like, I think Matt is probably going to be doing a lot of lifting on

Unknown 13:16
Yeah, I think that covers pretty much the QA topic, as far as, as far as this meeting is

Unknown 13:25
cool. Yeah.

Unknown 13:30
Cool. Does anyone else have any
ther topics they would like to discuss during this meeting?

Unknown 13:39
It looks like we have a community member is Sonny, a community member? I think so.

Unknown 13:45
Hey, how are you? Can you hear me? Yep, Hey, sorry, to eavesdrop on you guys know, we invited funny.

Unknown 14:06
So Sonny was like me mentioned that you can also come to the engineering meeting, because he was brought into a conversation the other day
where app developers are kind of like looking for people to help them and people are kind of coming to the blockstack at community that are not developing their own apps but looking to contribute. So that’s, there’s a new Slack channel, in the public blockstack. And I think it’s called me see what it’s called. It’s called Help Wanted.

So Sonny came to a meetup. And he’s built a decentralized blockchain application on another block chain. And he is like, really interested. So invited to the meeting conversation. So yeah, Sonny, you’re not, you’re dropping, this is totally open. And that’s the part of our process. So sometimes we have, like, more app developers, but not on here. So yeah, no worries.

Unknown 14:48

Cool. Cool. Cool. Yeah, so far, I’m pretty impressed with the community. And,
you know, in general, I’m surprised that I hadn’t heard of blocks sack before.
But I definitely think that there’s a lot of potential for potentially getting
more exposure and then potentially building out something. So I’m, I’m pretty

Unknown 15:19
Sounds good. Yeah, we always post Yeah, so I should point you to this, I’ll give you the link. After we close the agenda.

Unknown 15:29
We post the agenda and, in the Blockstack forums so people can add agenda so you can see ahead of time, like maybe if it’s something like this, or it’s like, I guess an internal QA process, you’d be like, I maybe you care maybe don’t care. We welcome like feedback because other people are impacted by this process, obviously, but then you can also add agenda items to so this is kind of like our meeting where anyone in the community can come in and, and I kind of like discuss any engineering related topics you can always like an agent does.

Unknown 16:01
Okay, excellent.

Unknown 16:04
I’ll keep that in mind.

Unknown 16:07
Um, cool. If nobody has anything else is like that just talk like a minute about
the Gaia invalidation stuff.

Unknown 16:22
So sometime this week, we’re going to invalidate all the outstanding off tokens from the default guy hub. Um, before we do that,
we should try to like finish reviewing and merging ship

Unknown 16:42
Hanks block step JS patch which all like let app sort of auto
regenerate tokens once they’ve detected that their token is invalidated. Yeah,

Unknown 16:56
I just want to see if everybody already knows that we’re going to do this and whether or not they have like, concerns that they that they want lobby.

Unknown 17:07
Um, I just had one concern about this. What happens if the client gets stuck in a loop somehow, where it’s constantly trying to re authenticate over and over again, is there some sort of rate limiting client side in place you retried once,

Unknown 17:27
okay, that’s that’s good enough.

Unknown 17:28
If it retries once Is there like a does it silently fail. We know are just going to wait for user feedback. Like, presumably it works. Obviously, we want it to work. But if it doesn’t, for whatever reason, like –

Unknown 17:42
– I think it will just throw an error that the app developer can catch.

Unknown 17:48
Okay. And that’s basically the same as the previous state

Unknown 17:52
So the app developers are not already familiar with, like, what this failure is going to look like and stff.

Unknown 17:59
We need to communicate it to them. Yeah,

Unknown 18:06
Aaron? I mean, I don’t really have any comments on it. I think it looks good. We should try and get it out. Is that all

Unknown 18:25
We are probably end meeting early unless there’s something else somebody else Okay.

What day are we looking to do this because I know we are gonna wait I guess maybe and I’m ?

So probably like one day after one to two days after the email is sent. So if we merge and release blockstack js today, intend to email today. And so then we’ll do the invalidation either Thursday night or some time during the day

Unknown 18:59
Should we do this on a Friday afternoon? [general laughter]

Unknown 19:09
Well, yeah, so I think it’s like, this isn’t a release. Yeah,
this is this is more, but I mean, it’s your weekends. So yeah,

Unknown 19:26
I expect there to be more actually developer questions before we do the invalidation after maybe after…

Unknown 19:37
I have
one question is you’re sending an email, right?

Unknown 19:52
Yeah, because you wanted to reach them directly. But do you want to encourage everybody to then respond with questions and stuff and a form or do you prefer to do that one on one

Unknown 20:01
Um either forum or slack like, yeah,

Unknown 20:08
You might want to like just just like keep everything if there’s a lot of questions and you’re trying to keep everybody in the same page might want to send the email but in the email point to a forum post the already started it says, this is where we’re going to discuss all this stuff.

Unknown 20:21
Yeah, email might bet the way keep it all clean.

Unknown 20:25
Cool. Yeah, the Yeah,
the tricky bit is like, I don’t want to publicize too much that the processes happening until the invalidations go out.

Unknown 20:40
Because before the invalidations go out, yeah,
there’s, there’s a potential for some harm
included, says,

Unknown 20:58
After we invalidate these tokens in x time period, we will post like a full write up of the sort of miss the web necessitated, that’s actually look for explanation .

Unknown 21:19
We’ll take questions about that afterwards right? That if these things are for digital General, that it’s after, like, all the invalidations have taken place. And so the only instead of thinking about making this communication more open, it’s just like, due to the nature of this architecture. We have to
do this in the best way possible, or requires, like with developers.

Unknown 21:55
cool. Yeah, I think I was gonna say that, I think we should make the change, and then send the email out immediately after change.

Unknown 22:10
Ah, but then there’s no time for them to respond,

Unknown 22:15
say that again,

Unknown 22:16
then there’s no time for them to actually respond, right. That like, basically guarantees that the, the apps will be broken

Unknown 22:26
in Usually, I would, I would agree, like,
should have done this invalid validation, basically, just

Unknown 22:33
yeah, cuz soon, you send that email how, you know, some bad actors could take advantage.

Unknown 22:38

Unknown 22:43
But the, the list of people getting the emails is pretty small. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown 22:50
I guess. Yeah. This is a CSV, right, that Gina has, like, are
registered. Yeah.

Unknown 22:58
So they’re, they’re incentivized to, like protect their and that’s just that, um,

Unknown 23:08
okay, I get that part. Maybe not make a forum post that’s public.

Unknown 23:15
So maybe the right thing to do here is just to tell them to reply to the email. Yeah,
and then we’re set up a private slack or something like that. Yeah. So like that.

Unknown 23:32
So like maybe a thing to do here is to designate a team of people to respond to these emails because like I don’t want to do this by myself

Unknown 23:45
Before we do that though I would say like just because of where this discussion is going is just like yeah, more so than just who we contact explaining why the contact is scoped I mean I think it’ll be obvious to them anyways but still it should likely will even go as far to ask for is don’t post this in the forum and do not post publicly until this day in her fans to disclose that

Unknown 24:13
yeah I’ll add some language like that email

Unknown 24:17

Unknown 24:18
So for the email from field like who is the email
to reply all stuff like can I can I add
like who is happy to respond to some emails here

Unknown 24:38
I mean I’m happy to respond if I knew what the respond with yeah

Unknown 24:45
support but I feel like a bit of the nature of these responses might be some very detailed questions of how kind of the authentication process and how you know individual applications might have some unique experiences with are not so I’m fine giving like some responses but I feel like as kind of the nature about developer support role to as an explain to me like I would also like to be able to like pull in hanker or someone about like, if there’s a very specific question about and off slow, and I don’t feel confident that I know the answer.

Unknown 25:25
There shouldn’t be a huge delay, right? Because I feel like the app developers are going to want some kind of, you know, instant communication like this is probably going to be keeping some people up at night if they have to wait 24 hours for a response. So yeah, yeah,

Unknown 25:46
I’m, I’m happy to be like on the reply or whatever, because I didn’t make like a, like a
progress with a couple of us on it. Or something
in a one time use.

Unknown 26:02
Maybe we should just make a distribution list like dev support and we’ll add a bunch of people to it. Yeah,

Yep. I like that idea. Actually.

Unknown 26:16
I’ll see if I can get Gina to do something like that.

Unknown 26:30
everyone, and then everyone has a chance to respond to everyone else kind of thing I will will see the responses so

Unknown 26:39

Unknown 26:41
should make it easier to keep track of who we are talking to. Yeah.

Unknown 26:47
And then if I say something dumb then Aaron can say now that’s not exactly true. It’s like that. So
when question about this, well, we’re all together is it should it be reply all to all the engineers like I feel like whatever.

Unknown 27:01
Okay. Yeah,
it’s gonna be like BCC, because like, we also don’t want to expose the list of emails. Yeah,

Unknown 27:19
I’m Kevin,. Aaron, do you think will be able to get box access updated? I guess that’s kind of what predicates the you know, being sent out.

Unknown 27:29

Unknown 27:31
Yes, that’s a question for can because I think can review that

Unknown 27:36
I’m fine with the PR is it is but

Unknown 27:41
I’m going to take a look

Unknown 27:45
so we should be able to publish it soon.

Unknown 28:12
Anybody have anything else to discuss?

Unknown 28:16
Let’s close the meeting.

Unknown 28:21
Cool. All right. Bye, everyone. Happy Wednesday

Blockstack Engineering QA Process

  • Decide which items should be implemented and how
  • Decide on teams
  • Establish recurring meetings to discuss progress

The meeting was held. A transcript will be posted later today.