2018-11-07 Engineering Meeting

Date/Time: 2018-11-07 @ 13:00 UTC / 09:00 EDT / 21:00 HKT
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Length: 45 minutes
Meeting link: [https://zoom.us/j/966890423]




blockstack/blockstack archive/removal

  • There is concern that some of this material is still in use such as the Engineering and the Whitepapers.
  • Other material Thomas has moved to blockstack.org
  • Larry is concerned about losing history
  • Everyone is ok with removing material that is no longer in use.

DECISION: Mary will make a PR back to the repo with content. Aaron will go above giving her permissions.

Expanding the Size of GAIA Hub Filesize Limits

  • Jude the rate limitator is to prevent people from uploading endless stream of data.
  • Aaron as we don’t want people to just dump stuff on Gaia. We also don’t have any other limit.
  • Jude we might want to consider a project to set per-user quotas for an app or user. That is something we will have to plan. Some discussion between Aaron and Jude as to how to implement.
  • Larry recaps says everyone agrees that current arbitrary is too low.
  • Aaron already an issue on Gaia about implementing quota. I think I am fine with increasing from 5 to 15
  • Ken is suggesting we bump it to 25 for photo apps
  • General agreement about increasing to as high as 25.
  • Jeff suggests having a survey at some point.
  • People bumped this to 45 — the discussion was about apps.
  • Ken:Long term what are we going to do;
  • Aaron they can store their material on their own Gaia hub. The current error rejects on size with a non-200 error code
  • Larry points out that we probably need a different error message


  • We will bump the limit to at least 25 the

Implement Aarons proposed mechanism for app public keys

  • Larry says everyone kind of agrees with this.
  • Aaron asks if the profile information is in blockstack.js — everyone comes back it is still in the browser.
  • Thomas suggests another feature on this
  • The discussion devolves into a discussion of possible features and or implementations.
  • Aaron says this is something everyone in the Commuity is excited about. They all find this issue. Aaron says he can help on doing this this weekend.
  • Larry there is some existing problem with a merge in the js database. Two different approaches in the blockstack.js — someone needs to volunteer to fix this merge issue. That will allow us to move forward

DECISION: We like this approach but we aren’t going to look at editing it until we implement profile editing in blockstack.js.


Jeff has a question. I was going to ask about Shreyas and Freidger and the SDKs. How much time and what is the state of them. If Larry is exiting who is going to maintain this. The plan is for Shreyas and Freidger to work on it. Larry says there isn’t a lot of work on this here. Freidger is working about 20 hours a week as a contractor.

Larry I do think we need to have a whole product approach to the API. Developers need to get good error messages from code that checks for good practices. Not only errors but suggestions for approaches.

Shreyas we need to have a lot of small apps that showcase functionality so that users can do cut and paste. On the SDKS I tried to include a lot of errors as possible. Overall the JS library does not include good error messages.

Larry: If we had someone that was product on this SDK there would be tons of stuff to do.
Shreyas: Anyone that wants can start an App right now.

Jeff: That answered my question thanks. The answer appears to be for now Friedger can handle what we want. Shreyas will helpd. There is a bigger issue to resolve around long-term ownership.

Meetin ajourned.

Archive https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack
This repository was saved when we went to blockstack.org. Now, we have blockstack.org. We should make this repository private to hide it from the public and then archive it. It is skewing search results by having this old material live.

Default Gaia Hub Filesize Limits

We place file size limits on the default gaia hub, there was some discussion yesterday about increasing those limits, I’d like to discuss our options.
Desired outcome
A plan for dealing with file limits / quotas on the default gaia hub.

Easy-to-use app public keys

I’d like to implement this proposed mechanism for using app public keys:

This would involve a small change in the browser when using the publish_data auth scope, and then a change in blockstack.js to make it easy to encrypt data for a different user.

It’s pretty easy to do this in a manual way, using the appPrivateKey and then storing it manually. But it would be great to make this easier, because I see many new developers asking about how to do this.