2018-08-08 Engineering Meeting

2018-08-08 Engineering Meeting Notes


  • Ken
  • Aaron
  • Shreyas
  • Will
  • Thomas
  • Jeff
  • Jude
  • Mary

Splitting up auth and gaia in the iOS SDK

  • Ken and Aaron: will cause developer confusion and won’t match blockstack.js.
  • Blockstack.putFile will use the app’s default Gaia hub.

Gaia and Auth separation

  • How do you separate auth from Gaia if Blockstack auth is the only way to authenticate with Gaia?
  • Gaia does not have to rely on Blockstack auth, it’s just how the library works right now
  • Have handlePendingSignIn call a separate Gaia.js, which will establish a Gaia Hub Session
  • Jude will take a crack at the separate Gaia.js this week

Multiplayer storage in iOS SDK

Longer derivation paths for apps key

  • Aaron has 2 PR’s in browser and blockstack.js ready
  • Major change, because it’s a change in the way we do key derivation
  • Will need to release new version of blockstack.js before integration into the browser
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