2018-05-29 Engineering/Product Sprint Breakout Meeting

Note: This is a mid-sprint progress meeting

  • Mobile On-boarding on the browser.
    • We’re working on the last few bugs and on target to release mid-week.
  • Improvements to Blockstack.org for developerss
    • Work on this slowed down during NYC Blockchain Week, but Jeff has resumed work.
  • Future Browser form factor
    • We’re still examining future possible form factors. We want to make sure we have buy in from everyone on the team and the community.
  • App.co
    • Work on app.co continues both on some redesigns and new admin tools. These will enter testing and be deployed this week
  • iOS & Android SDKs
    • iOS - we have left over functionality issues that need implementing: encryption, non-JSON files. Larry will take a look at these after helping with Stacks testing and on-boarding testing.
    • Android - droidcon berlin talk/workshop reaches 1200 android devs end of June in Berlin. We plan to dedicate some time to improve SDK experience so it is in tip-top shape for the audience & workshops in an upcoming sprint.
  • Stacks Testing
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