2018-05-24 Browser Deep Work Session Meeting Notes

Browser Deep Work Session Meeting Notes 5/24/18

May 24, 2018




  • Who will work on the browser moving forward**?**
    • Currently Thomas & Ken & Shreyas
  • Status update on the new onboarding experience?
    • Aiming for release next Tuesday
  • Browser form factor
    • Jeff’s status update on the developer and consumer research
      :white_check_mark: native apps with a native blockstack key manager that does handoffs
    • Ken’s update on the technical tradeoffs
      • :white_check_mark: Cross-browser extension is most likely the form factor.
        • Maybe we should also do a client install that also talks to the extension and holds state. This gives us global state across browsers.
    • Alternative considered was Native apps (more work, less flexibility)
      • BNS handling in address bar?
        • Need to figure out with blockchain team whether or not this is something feasible in the next year… (Aaron: as the token representative of that, what else needs to be done for BNS from the blockchain side?)
  • Future items for the browser after on-boarding is pushed
    • State management, in particular the state around ID’s and names
    • Restructuring that reflects the removal of the app listing and the increased focus on identity management, data management and auth
    • iOS Native version and Android native version
    • True choice of where you want to store your data as an end user - select hubs and move between them.
    • Auth upgrades improved UI

Action items

[aaron] Name = blockstack.id is toast. Create .id.blockstack
[ken thomas jeff] Push onboarding by tues.
[ken] to create issue for including pending usernames in auth response
[ken] to investigate if extensions can access the URL bar, and if we can drop the existing Blockstack Browser react app into an extension
[jeff] Can we measure the delta between native download and chrome store ext. install?


Is this something like what Toshi has announced?

Native mobile apps that store the private keys and then desktop extensions (or apps) that send signature requests to the mobile apps?