2018-05-21 Engineering/Product Sprint Breakout Meeting


  • Highest priority is meeting Milestone 1 – Launch of the Stacks token
  • Mobile on-boarding is the next biggest priority, Ken and Thomas will be plugging away, we should be able to internally dogfood soon
  • We’re also going to begin work on the design (and possibly building) of a new blockstack.org landing page


  • Jeff
  • Ryan
  • Larry
  • Muneeb
  • Thomas
  • Ken
  • Hank
  • Jude
  • Aaron


  • Meeting Milestone 1
    • Roll over infrastructure to new Blockstack Core with token system
      • Coincide with new infrastructure upgrades
      • Jude is doing a devops inventory and documenting onboard/offboard processes
      • Jude is coming up with work items for new devops hire(s)
    • Wallet implementation for investors (separate meeting)
      • Need Jesse’s input for product requirements
      • Needs to happen today or tomorrow
      • Jesse, Ryan, Muneeb, Jeff, Chad, Aaron, Jude, + front end engineer (Ken?) - TN to schedule who will lead the kickoff meeting? (Aaron)
        • Will cover: wallet development, wallet UX, setting up genesis block
    • Jude needs information on the genesis block structure
      • Jesse & Muneeb will figure this out at wallet meeting
    • Testing
  • Security audits for Blockstack Core before the token launches
    • Spin up firms this week/next week
    • Aaron is communicating with firms
  • Browser Mobile onboarding
    • For next 6 months: Ken on Browser
    • Get blockstack.id subdomain registrar up and running
    • Internal dogfooding next week
    • Thomas to cover some of the tickets & bugs
  • Maintainers:
  • Native browser/authenticators (desktop + mobile) and/or browser extensions proposal will be discussed later this week with Jeff, Ryan, Ken this week (and any other interested parties) (Larry is an interested party :slightly_smiling_face: )
  • iOS SDK issues, non-JSON data format and encryption https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack-ios/issues/21
    • Shreyas to take over iOS SDK from June 4 for the next 6 months
    • We need to work out some encryption issues in the iOS SDK
    • This is a secondary priority to Browser/onboarding for Ken (Larry can potentially take a look at this)
  • Improvements to Blockstack.org landing pages