2018-04-26 Developer Products Engineering Meeting

Date/Time: 2018-04-26 @ 13:15 UTC / 09:15 EDT / 21:15 HKT
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Length: 45 minutes
Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/351130688

This meeting is for issues around our developer facing products such as blockstack.js and the mobile SDKs.


Please reply to this forum post with items you would like included on the agenda.

Each item should include:

Item name
Background information: Links to github issues, forum posts, etc with background information on the item
Desired outcome: what decision or deliverable would you like from the discussion of this topic at the meeting?

We’ll save ~10 minutes or so for community questions or comments at the end of the meeting.

Immediately usable sponsored names


The new onboarding flow includes registration of a sponsored name. This leads to the expectation that the name will be immediately usable after onboarding. Currently, the sponsored name registration requests go into a queue on the registrar and also needs to go through the same number of confirmations as a full domain name in order to be usable.

Desired outcome:

Estimate the engineering resources needed to implement this and decide if we should prioritize this feature or change the onboarding flow.

I moved this immediately usable sponsored names issue to the Developer Products Engineering meeting agenda because this isn’t something that we can execute in one of the consumer products.

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Logging in blockstack.js ?

Background: Hank was great enough to open a PR that set up better logging in blockstack.js – it logs to the console, but the level is configurable via blockstack.config.

Outcome: Do we like this approach? Also, should we default to none or debug or info?

Interface for TX Signing

Background: We need to use different kinds of transaction signers than single-sig (e.g., multi-sig, segwit), even just in our blockstack-core integration tests. Furthermore, if we want to support hardware wallets, we need a different interface anyways, because they cannot pass the private key directly to blockstack.js.

Proposed interface:

Desired Outcome: feedback on that interface.

Subdomains in search results

Background: Our search endpoint doesn’t return subdomains – I have an indexer which will generate the JSON dumps required for search to work correctly with subdomains. It’s been tested, etc. I just need to deploy it.

Desired Outcome: I guess high fives? But seriously, I want to voice the concern that this endpoint is inherently batch-y. Right now, those batches are like every 12 hours, but with this new indexer, they can be roughly every 45 minutes. This could be rearchitected a little to make it less batch-y, but I need to know whether or not that’s an actual priority.

2018-04-26 Developer Product Engineering Meeting


  • Larry
  • Ken
  • Thomas
  • Hank
  • Aaron
  • Jude
  • Shankar
  • Jeff
  • Muneeb
  • Patrick


Immediately usable sponsored names

  • Aaron will be working on this
  • We will need to spin up a new registrar for .blockstack.id names
  • Who owns blockstack.id? We need the private keys

Logging levels in blockstack.js

  • default log level is debug, might want to change to warn/error
  • In the future we could tie log level to mainnet vs regtest
  • Aaron will open the issue for network

Interface for TX signing

The interface has a dependency on bitcoinjs - in the future this will change when Stacks are launched.

  • Jude approves, seconded by Larry

Subdomains in search results

  • Names won’t be instantaneously included in search results due to batching
  • How important is being instantly available in search results?
  • Very important for apps like stealthy, so users can find each other
  • We can do a lookup on the /v1/user endpoint on every search query
  • Add a blockstack.js function called search that does that https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack.js/issues/445

On-boarding experience for non-mobile apps

Brought up by patrick