2018-04-10 Documentation Meeting

Issue: Documentation is a problem, we all know this, but we don’t know really how to solve this

  • We need clear documentation for first-time developers
  • Answer the question: “What is blockstack?” or, “What does an app look like on Blockstack?”
    • Answers both for high-level audience, and people looking for wire-protocol level details
  • Roadmap
    • API changes forthcoming
    • Major changes forthcoming
  • Stale documentation
  • SEO problems

Good Documentation Examples:

Need a Feedback Loop for Developers and Users

  1. Simple landing page for reporting feedback: blockstack.org/bugs
  2. Need a policy for integrating and editing feedback

Need a New Getting Started Video

  1. That’s going to involve probably an experienced video lead and an engineering contact from Blockstack: probably @larry

People to Contact

  • We need people to build a Blockstack app from scratch, to see where they get stuck. Get feedback by passively pair programming