2018-02-16 Product Meeting


  • Jeff
  • Ryan
  • Larry
  • Chase
  • Ken


Background: Blockstack.org Roadmap

  • Larry: concern that we don’t yet have a large number of high quality apps
  • Jeff: if there are apps people will want to use, they’ll find them

Decision: Chase is building a scaled down version of this for before Berlin that will be integrated into the current website.

Scaled down scope:

  • Using the mockup shown in Blockstack.org Roadmap, create a simplified coded version. This version will not use the sitenav shown in the mock or the Netflix style carousel.
  • Buttons in the mockup will change buttons globally
  • Sitenav and footer across the app will have an updated design


Background: Blockstack Mobile Plans

Mobile on-boarding flows:

  1. Prompt for email/phone number, unencrypted keychain phrase stored in device browser, email user prompting them to click on link on same device, display webpage with keychain phrase instructing them to backup phrase
  2. Prompt for email/phone & password, unencrypted keychain phrase stored in device browser, email user encrypted backup phrase, prompt them to backup keychain phrase and on-board to browser
  3. Prompt for email/phone & password, send encrypted keychain phrase with link to browser, clicking link prompts the user to enter password to on-board

Decision: Jeff will think through these potential flows and create wireframes - this can be done in parallel with engineering research