2017-12-22 Engineering Meeting

Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/513343494



  • Discuss engineering handbook/process: ​+Blockstack Engineering Handbook​
  • Review progress on user stories: https://github.com/orgs/blockstack/projects/14
  • Discuss priorities for next week
  • Discuss release schedule of 0.21.6 (0.22?)

Desired outcomes:

  • Does engineering handbook make sense? Yes
  • If so, what other things should be added or changed? We need to flesh things out and include more about deployment and release
  • A list of engineering team priorities to present to co-founders See below


All of our user stories are on schedule for this sprint except for lightweight multi-reader storage.

Individual Priorities for the coming week:

  • Larry: Technical debt & testing, project management stuff
  • Aaron: Hex string issues on blockstack.js, prioritize auth testing
  • Ken: Demo app for lightweight multi-reader storage & api changes

Engineering Team Priorities

  • Lightweight multi-reader: demo app & api changes
  • Project management: triaging issues, etc
  • Test authentication both on browser & blockstack.js

We also had a discussion as to our lightweight multi-reader storage api: https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack.js/issues/312#issuecomment-353632286

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One thing that I brought up briefly during the meeting before we started talking about the timing of lightweight multi-reader storage:

Currently, in the develop branch on browser, the browser is capable of authenticating with new storage apps without generating a core session token – this would allows Windows users and Webapp users to sign in to most of the token portfolio apps. If we do a release this week (before multi-reader is ready), that would be a major improvement for those users. I think we should do a release, but that will depend on whether or not @larry or Ken has the time this week to do that.

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