2 days ago pending transaction

PLEASE HELP ME. DONT KNOW WHY THIS HAPPENED, have been passed two days since the transaction what can i do?

I’m in the same boat.

Am a new user. Nearly 24 hours ago I withdrew from Kucoin to a new wallet (Hiro desktop). My first transaction. It arrived but then shortly after that it went to “Pending” and it’s still that way. As a first time experience I am not impressed at all.

My own mistake really, I should of started with a reallyyy small amount before diving in.

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Finally, after more than a day, it confirmed.

Not a good experience for a first transaction…

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Hi, to avoid such a situation again on any platform, I have some advice and I hope this will help you next time while withdrawing money.

1- If you are doing withdrawal first time from any platform, first try to send a small amount and after getting it in your account, go for the big one.
2- Usually payment takes 1-2 business days to arrive in the bank so wait, if it delays more, contact support soon
3- Try to attach a bank account that is in your name. This will help in more cases.

Thank you

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