2.20.19 App Miner Meeting recording and minutes

Recording of the meeting is here.



  • Introduce new App Mining GH Repo (to be ready to contribute to by 2/20): https://github.com/blockstack/app-mining

  • Discuss a potential new app reviewers for 1) using Blockstack tooling like gaia storage and more (going beyond just Auth requirement) 2) app awareness

  • Discuss latest app reviewer improvements - Discuss the intention of exploring a better payout model that rewards more people - Feedback and questions on last month’s round


Democracy earth

  • load all apps: no longer lazy loading. Status: complete

  • Voter behavior: allude to game 2. Status:“Gogres” option, continuing to onboard appss (WIP)

Product Hunt:

  • Block game ability of PH community votes: We’ve been in touch with their team to block the ability of app mining participants. Status: WIP

  • More App feedback: newest apps have feedback. Need for all of the apps. Status: WIP

  • We’ve been in touch with their team about changing the weight of internal reviews. Status: WIP


  • We’ve asked for input from the community on how to tweak these, did not receive much input but its on the forum if you’d like to contribute. Status: WIP

  • We’ve also generalized the instructions to make more applicable to all apps. Status: complete.

Scoring :

  • Progress on technical “good citizen” app reviewer

  • Progress on “visibility” app reviewer

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