#18 - Weekly SIP Call - STX Mining Report Q3 by @MattySTX

:loudspeaker: Dear all Stacks community & contributors!

Bringing you the updates from the weekly SIP call!

  • :speech_balloon: Summary: Today the Stacks mining Q3 report by Matty was the main topic. So we ran through the top level SIP activities. A few things worth highlighting:

  • SIP-015 document (Stacks 2.1 upgrade) might be written up fairly soon, end of today or early next week. CABs can start reviewing it whilst the core devs get the codes to completion.

  • @mikecohen.id and @whoabuddy proposed organizing the “Traits list/deployed contracts” for some applicable SIPs so it’s easier for people to find Reference List of Traits for Mainnet and Testnet · Issue #94 · stacksgov/sips · GitHub therefore be used more in their contracts. Will be helpful to new and existing developers.

  • @MattySTX 's call Stacks mining topic, generally speaking the mining been decently healthy given the extend of the bear market, number of tx per block demand up (big part due to BNS), miners’ profitability healthy. We still have relative low number of miners for the network, which we must improve on. This will helpfully be improved once Stacks 2.1 unlock more capabilities.
    Find Matty’s full Q3 report here:
    STX Mining Report Q3 2022

  • :ledger: for Full Meeting notes here:
    Weekly SIP Meeting Agenda & Notes · Issue #79 · stacksgov/sips · GitHub

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  • :spiral_calendar: Upcoming SIP call calendar:

28th Oct - 11am ET - Steering Committee Community October Update
4th Nov - 10am ET - @Codex independent developer SIP review

  • :dizzy: Previous weeks we have hosted these topics with many the smartest people in Stacks:
    You can watch all recordings here: Stacks Community - YouTube
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:high_brightness: Have a nice day! Bitcoin & Stacks for the win! :100:

If you are interested contributing to the SIP process on any level, please feel free to reach out to me! :hugs: