#16 - Weekly SIP Call - TOPIC: Open Discussion

:loudspeaker: Dear all Stacks community & contributors!

Bringing you the updates from the weekly SIP call!

  • :speech_balloon: Summary: This week Bitcoin Unleashed event is also happening on the same day so we kept it little freer and lighter. Some great feedback re SIP-018 and SIP-019 still came up by @friedger , which might need to a bit more conversation and adjustment before ratification. Another great commentary came from Werner who will be proposing a SIP related to BNS V2 for something marketplaces benefit from!

  • :ledger: for Full Meeting notes here:
    Weekly SIP Meeting Agenda & Notes · Issue #79 · stacksgov/sips · GitHub

  • :tv: Link to the recording: xxx

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  • :spiral_calendar: Upcoming schedule:

14th Oct - Open Discussion
21th Oct - BNS V2 contract - By BNS Working Group

  • :dizzy: Previous weeks we have hosted these topics with many the smartest people in Stacks:
    You can watch all recordings here: Stacks Community - YouTube
    Week #1. Decentralization of mining
    Week #2. SIP voting process & general SIP process
    Week #3. Stacks 2.1 upgrade + Ecosystem DAO
    Week #4. Standardization of Bitcoin derivation Path
    Week #5. Taproot integration
    Week #6. STX Mining report July 2022
    Week #7. Consideration Advisory Boards (CABs)
    Week #8. Increasing Bitcoiners participation
    Week #9. Open Discussion
    Week #10. 3 Proposals to improve STX mining decentralization
    Week #11. Open Discussion.
    Week #12. CAB Members Q&A with Jude
    Week #13. SIP-019 with Rafael at Hiro Systems
    Week #14. SIP for Non-custodial NFT Staking
    Week #15. Steering Committee Community Update

:high_brightness: Have a nice day! Bitcoin & Stacks for the win! :100:

If you are interested contributing to the SIP process on any level, please feel free to reach out to me! :hugs:

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Great recap, thanks Hero!

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