#14 - Weekly SIP Call - TOPIC: SIP idea for Non-custodial NFT staking, with @Setzeus

:loudspeaker: Dear all Stacks community & contributors!

Bringing you the updates from the weekly SIP call!

  • :speech_balloon: A few key topics were brought up:
  1. Jude gave up updates that Stacks 2.1 codes nearly ready, will need testing and being voted on etc. Looking at 1st week of December upgrade turned on.
  2. @Setzeuz presented his SIP idea, which will benefit many NFT projects, still some things to flesh out, but he will take the time to work collaboratively to shape the SIP. It is a grant application if you wish to support it please use this link: Standard NFT(s)->FT Staking (SIP) · Issue #672 · stacksgov/Stacks-Grant-Launchpad · GitHub
  3. 3 CABs been officially announced / activated. See announcements here:
    Activation of **Technical Consideration Advisory Board (CAB)**
    Activation of **Governance Consideration Advisory Board (CAB)**
    Activation of **Economics Consideration Advisory Board (CAB)**

- 16th Sep - Topic: SIP-019: Notifications for Token Metadata Updates

  • :dizzy: Previous weeks we have hosted these topics with many the smartest people in Stacks:
    You can watch all recordings here: Stacks Community - YouTube
    Week #1. Decentralization of mining
    Week #2. SIP voting process & general SIP process
    Week #3. Stacks 2.1 upgrade + Ecosystem DAO
    Week #4. Standardization of Bitcoin derivation Path
    Week #5. Taproot integration
    Week #6. STX Mining report July 2022
    Week #7. Consideration Advisory Boards (CABs)
    Week #8. Increasing Bitcoiners participation
    Week #9. Open Discussion
    Week #10. 3 Proposals to improve STX mining decentralization
    Week #11. Open Discussion.
    Week #12. CAB Members Q&A with Jude
    Week #13. SIP-019 with Rafael at Hiro Systems

:high_brightness: Have a nice day! Bitcoin & Stacks for the win! :100:

If you are interested contributing to the SIP process on any level, please feel free to reach out to me! :hugs:

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