#11 - Weekly SIP Call - Open Discussion (SIP=Stacks Improvement Proposal)

:loudspeaker: Dear all Stacks community & contributors!

Would like give everyone an update to the growing SIP process
(SIP stands for Stacks Improvement Proposal). We have been having weekly SIP calls for the past 11 weeks now, every Friday 11AM EST. Please tune i!

  • :speech_balloon: This week it was open discussion. Quite a few discussion was brought up.
    -SIP-016 RATIFIED thank for @friedger & @dant SIP Authors. And thanks @dartman for helping with contract searches to meet activation criteria. More details on separate Forum post here:
    -@mikecohen.id gave us some updates on the Safe Transfer SIP, along with some discussion with @jude
    -@mikecohen.id also gave us some update on EcosystemDAO, more polishing and testing, designing underway.
    -Some Stacks 2.1 Upgrade talks, around early voter indication, voter turnout, voter literacy, education.
    -@HeroGamer also tabled an idea about adding “I VOTED” badge to Stackers’ profile picture. More details on separate Forum post here:

  • :ledger: for Full Meeting notes here:
    Weekly SIP Meeting Agenda · Issue #79 · stacksgov/sips · GitHub

  • :tv: Link to the recording:

  • :spiral_calendar: If you wanna add this SIP event to your calendar, use this link: Events

  • :spiral_calendar: Upcoming schedule:

- 9th Sep - Topic: Consideration Advisory Board Q&A with Jude
- 16th Sep - Topic: SIP-019: Notifications for Token Metadata Updates

  • :dizzy: Previous weeks we have hosted these topics with many the smartest people in Stacks:
    *You can watch all recordings here: Stacks Community - YouTube
    Week #1. Decentralization of mining
    Week #2. SIP voting process & general SIP process
    Week #3. Stacks 2.1 upgrade + Ecosystem DAO
    Week #4. Standardization of Bitcoin derivation Path
    Week #5. Taproot integration
    Week #6. STX Mining report July 2022
    Week #7. Consideration Advisory Boards (CABs)
    Week #8. Increasing Bitcoiners participation
    Week #9. Open Discussion
    Week #10. 3 Proposals to improve STX mining decentralization

:high_brightness: Have a nice day! Bitcoin & Stacks for the win! :100:

If you are interested contributing to the SIP process on any level, please feel free to reach out to me! :hugs: