"10am ET" Friday SIP call πŸ“ž this week - Guest speaker: @codex - Stacks 2.1 (SIP0-015) review

Hello all Stacks community!

  • Please join this Friday 10am ET call! Will be hosted by Jason @whoabuddy (thank you so so much Jason!) Guest speaker: @ codex - you can find him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/codexbtc

  • Codex is an independent developer who has written some smart thoughts on Stacks 2.1, therefore I’m inviting in to offer his latest take on Stacks 2.1 upgrade now the full SIP text has been published. See his previous comment here: https://twitter.com/codexbtc/status/1563639828407005185?s=20&t=a5doeyQgMyTwx8q5LL1H0g

  • So that all of Stacks community can be well informed from different angles regarding Stacks 2.1 upgrade in order to make a good voting decision

  • Event link: Events (says it’s 11am but just pretend it’s 10am for this week, all the other weeks are 11am ET) just add to your calendar as reminder :slight_smile:

  • The SIP-015 doc is out and being reviewed by the community and all CABs.

Look forward to seeing everyone!
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