100 Days of Giveaways -Summer Contest

$Welsh and @Stacks fam, hello and welcome to the teaser post of the $Welsh Community:

“100 Days of Giveaways -Summer Contest”
:rotating_light:Contest starts May 21st, 2024 @ 1330/1:30 EST​:rotating_light:

This post is to inform you of a massive community outreach experiment the $Welsh community is conducting. Over the course of 100 days we will be hosting 10 Twitter/X Space meetings, during these 100 days $20,000+ in prizes will rewarded to winning contestants. :exploding_head:

Thanks to our generous sponsors, prizes include but are not limited too: 1 oz gold and 2 oz silver bullion, priceless NFTs, community donated tokens, 2 Runestones, and a one off Grand Prize of 1,000,000 $Welsh tokens -plus so much more! Each drawing will have no less than 10 winners -all whom will be chosen via “Twitter Picker” to ensure fairness and transparency. We will either do live video drawings at the time of the drawing, or produce the screenshot of the Twitter Picker results in the comment section of the Space meeting.

This is a multi-community project that rewards participants for completing $Welsh and @Stacks community Quests (tasks). Once your Quest is complete, verified, and submitted correctly you will be added to the participant list of that days drawing. All completed Quests/tasks must be posted in the comment section (via cell phone screen shot) of the X Space in order to qualify for that days drawing.

Cellphone screen shots combat cheaters and Bots.

:rotating_light:The 1st drawing has no requirements​:rotating_light:- it’s totally free so just show up on time and bring a pen and paper for the following drawing (Quest) details. I hate to have to say this but cheaters and farmers will be identified and eliminated from the current and future drawings.

We kick off the first drawing: 21 May, 2024 @ 1330/1:30 EST, and every 10 days following the 21th at the same exact time.

:rotating_light:For exact information on updates stay tuned and please follow Bitbybit @wholecoinclub, or Stu @sirlatimer1.:rotating_light:

Shout out to: #Welsh #100daygiveaway $Welsh #1000x @Welsh_Community @DCBK2LA @Stacksybtc @lordrozar @charismabtc @eadevelopers142 @hashikostx @ethlorde @godthebtc @spaghetti_punk @STXMAPS_NFT @Drocif @KillerOfSupply @VelarBTC @yodascroda @jackbinswitch @binaya_btc @bmcgrath1990 @humbledbeastbtc @bowhunterbtc @herogamer21btc

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