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Where did my STX coins go?

Hello, I transferred 866 STX from Binance to my Stacks Desktop wallet (windows 10) on 11/26/20. I saw that it went through and got an email confirmation from Binance. I then forgot about it until today when I tried to access the coins to transfer them to a Hiro Wallet. Now I’m seeing that the transaction was listed as invalid in the wallet, and I have no access to the coins. I know that label wasn’t there when I originally did this transfer or I would have contacted Binance. Is there any way to recover my coins? Here’s a screen shot of my wallet:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the screen when I click on the transaction:


I read a similar post where a user downloaded the Hiro wallet, used their seed phrase, and found their coins. I tried that, and it worked! Problem solved.