Where did my STX coins go?

Hello, I transferred 866 STX from Binance to my Stacks Desktop wallet (windows 10) on 11/26/20. I saw that it went through and got an email confirmation from Binance. I then forgot about it until today when I tried to access the coins to transfer them to a Hiro Wallet. Now I’m seeing that the transaction was listed as invalid in the wallet, and I have no access to the coins. I know that label wasn’t there when I originally did this transfer or I would have contacted Binance. Is there any way to recover my coins? Here’s a screen shot of my wallet:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the screen when I click on the transaction:


I read a similar post where a user downloaded the Hiro wallet, used their seed phrase, and found their coins. I tried that, and it worked! Problem solved.


Hi Robo46

I saw your post and got very excited as you managed to fix your problem
However I cant do what you done to fix things. I am exactly the same as what you have on your screenshots, Last time I looked there was coins in my STX wallet then today i checked and there it is 0. It says received (Invalid) exactly the same as your screenshot.
Please can you help me in more detail as I am struggling. Thanks very much !!

Do you have the latest version of Hiro wallet? Here is the link to download it: Hiro Wallet
Once wallet is updated, and you restore ur seedphrase into Hiro wallet, you should be able to see those STX amount properly. Jump into Stacks Discord if it still doesn’t work more people will be able to assist you there.