Understanding BNS Storage

Hi, I’m confused about the zonefiles in the BNS system. It seems to me that Stacks is very scalable because it mainly stores the hashes of zonefiles, and not the zonefiles themselves. It seems that the zonefiles are stored in a different network. What is this different network that stores the actual data in the files and what entities are running this network?

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They are stored as attachments in the Atlas network. This data is stored in each Stacks node and distributed peer to peer.

Would you mind describing how the attachment works? If I send a transaction with an attachment, who processes or who knows what to do with it?

I wrote a contract that calls a couple of BNS functions. One of the functions is ‘name-register’. I attached a zonefile but it’s not getting stored. So I wonder if attachment only works for certain transactions?

Here’s the smart contract:

The result has no ‘zonefile’ at all, not even an empty zonefile.


@larry - hi there, saw your post regarding zone file update. I’m also using micro-stacks for the above question I posted two days ago. Do you think what you mention in the other thread maybe the answer to my question above? Thank you! :pray:

Taken from the other thread Nostr + BNS - #4 by larry :

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