Sign in with legacy wallet/no keychain phrase?

How can I sign in to blockstack with a legacy wallet (wallet.json)/no keychain phrase?

Some other threads (1, 2, 3) have suggested going to /wallet/send-core but I get the ‘Get Started/Restore an existing keychain’ page.

I noticed this at the bottom of the release notes on Github

“Names purchased in a pre-release version prior to v0.10.0 will need to be transferred to the production keychain location with a future tool.”

Does this mean early users have to wait? Should I just buy a new id?

Hey @davidrpmorris,

Early users don’t have to wait to start using apps or participate in the token sale, since they do not require Blockstack IDs :slight_smile: We’ll have a migration tool working soon for early users. Some of the core devs (myself included) also have Blockstack IDs registered to legacy addresses, so we’re in the same boat as early users.

I have one legacy address expiring in 1 day :scream:
Will the migration tool be available before then? :thinking: