Registered domain not properly showing in Stacks wallet account list


I successfully registered 5 domains yesterday (1 each per 5 wallet accounts). 4 of the domains immediately displayed the registered .btc domain after the registration transaction was confirmed. The 5th domain still does not show the registered domain name a day later (it still just shows account X), even though both the reservation and registration transactions both show as confirmed and the domain name is listed properly as registered to that wallet account. What can I do to make that domain name show properly in my list of accounts in my Stacks wallet, like the other 4 are doing currently?

Thank you for any help you can provide,

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I am seeing this issue as well.

  1. .btc domain names that I purchase directly with STX display in the browser wallet just fine
  2. Those purchased with BTC or USD fail to display, but under “Balances,” it does show that the address owns 1 bns name

Must be a wallet bug.

That’s interesting about the difference in payments. In my case, I made all 5 of my purchases directly with STX, and only 1 of the 5 is not displaying the domain name on the account. Like in your case, the balance shows ownership of 1 bns name. Perhaps someone from the STX team can speak to this issue.


I’ve since made more domain purchases with STX, and now they’re not showing up properly either.

Have you been able to find anyone at Stacks that can help resolve the name display issue in the wallet?

Late responding. I still have the same issue and have found nobody to fix it. I’m not too worried because I know I have custody of them.

Hi, I moved my domain name from hot wallet (Chrome extension) to my ledger wallet (Hiro wallet on desktop that supports ledger). But I am not able to see it as a holding in the wallet.

a) How do I see that I own the domain now? b) how do I transfer the domain from this wallet if needed?

Transaction to transfer the name:

Thanks in advance.