ReadURL in Gaia deployment that uses S3 driver

I have deployed a Gaia server on an AWS EC2 machine and want to use S3 as the backend storage. I have some confusion about what the correct readURL paramater should be in this scenario, after going through the following documentation:



As per document #1, the readURL should be of the form “readURL”: “”,
whereas document #2 seems to indicate that the readURL should point to the S3 file itself.

If you did it right, then when you use an app, you should be able to append /{:address}/{:filename} to your readURL and get back actual data. Have you tried using an app with your Gaia hub? You should see the data in your S3 bucket, and you can check your readURL by making sure you can download data from it when you append the /{:address}/{:filename} suffix to it.

I need to try using some apps now with the my own installation of Gaia. Is using the CLI, as described in the document [Tech Preview] Using your own Gaia hub with the CLI, still the only way to make an app use my own install, or has there been a new development that allows this to be done from the browser itself?

We are working on a UI flow from the browser.

Also, when this functionality is tested and released and complete, we will be looking to build or otherwise integrate a webUI functionality from the current develop branch, like this: Help Wanted Makers: Gaia Administration Application