Participated in 2019 ICO - Lost the seed phrase

I know I know. I have the wallet on my computer and I can see my STX increase each month. But I can’t find the darn key anywhere. I haven’t tried to send anything since I can’t really send it anywhere since I’m in the US and haven’t deposited BTC in the wallet. Am I screwed or can I still get my STX out of my wallet after tomorrow or anytime? I’d like to be clear on what happens before I go and send BTC to a wallet that will result in a bigger loss.

I appreciate your help.

Hey there, your STX are safe through the transition from Stacks 1.0 to Stacks 2.0. No action is required from your end and you can still access your STX post transition once you do find the seed phrase (see this post for more info). We’d recommend finding the seed phrase before sending additional funds there.

One thing to note is that if you used a hardware wallet to set up the Stacks wallet, then your hardware wallet seed phrase is your STX wallet seed phrase.

Hope the seed phrase is recovered, let us know how we can help. :pray: