My STX coins In the STX wallet is now 0

I had STX coins in my STX wallet and I used to check every now and then to see it was still there. It has been there every time but today my balance is 0. I tried following somebody that managed to get his STX back by downloading a Hiro wallet, used their seed phrase, and found their coins.

I have had a look at doing this but I’m not smart enough to understand USING A SEED PHRASE.

Please can somebody help me recover my STX coins from my STX wallet which is now 0.

Do you have the latest version of Hiro wallet? Here is the link to download it: Hiro Wallet
Once wallet is updated, and you restore ur seedphrase into Hiro wallet, you should be able to see those STX amount properly. Jump into Stacks Discord if it still doesn’t work more people will be able to assist you there.
invite link here: Stacks