Miner Centralization

I think there can be a solution where stackers can vote to lower the 10x limit if we’re approaching a situation where this is impacting miners (because of very high BTC fees).

Also, another reason I was originally thinking about the dust mining proposal is that deploying a change to 100% of miners is always going to be more risky than creating a small 10% bike lane and testing things there. That approach limits the downsides i.e., we know hit on BTC yield cannot be more than 10%, we know that the rest of the miners will keep making forward progress (no halting scenarios introduced etc).

In general, preserving the Bitcoin yield as much as possible should be a top priority. There are a lot of community members who primarily got into Stacks because of the Bitcoin yield and I think that proposals that can have a potentially large impact on Bitcoin yield would have a much harder time getting enough support to get implemented.

I view the 10x of fees proposal as similar to dust mining, as far as impact on Bitcoin yield is concerned. So I can be supportive of either of these.

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