Megathread: BNS upgrade discussion

Dear Hank, dear BNS and STX Community

Thank you for the interesting read and the update. Supporting mist of the made statements and would add only one thing:
Please dont forget the wrapped BNSx domains. Would love to see a BNSx → BNSv2 transfer option too.

Keep up the great work and best regards, r

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Yep of course, this will be accounted for.

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@hank Great updates (except for the activation of renewal fees :wink: )

What I would like to know:
In case there is a hard fork, do we need to…

  1. delist our domain listings on Gamma prior to that event?
  2. delist our bridged to L1 domains?
  3. bridge our L1 domains back to L2?

There’s currently no plan on creating a price-ceiling based on fiat/usd rates. This would require a price oracle and lengthy discussions/debate on what floors/ceilings are appropriate and why.

Managed namespaces, however, will afford the ability to do whatever you’d like with pricing structure of any namespace on BNSv2.

This BNSv2 update fixes what was broken re: renewals, but without expanding the functionality. However, managed namespaces allows significant flexibility to customize renewals to a namespaces needs.

Without the infrastructure for a DAO and insight into the regulatory responsibilities as well as risk, this upgrade should keep the native/non-managed namespaces burning stx, for now. However, once again, managed namespaces will have the ability to do whatever you’d like pricing-wise.

Launching a managed namespace has more flexibility on purchases and renewals.

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Thanks @hank for pushing these important items forward. We’re looking forward to supporting them in Leather!

Do we have any more updates that can be shared on this?

Another point I thought of - do any of the proposed contract changes make a bid/offer marketplace system more easy to implement? Or was the contract never the blocker there?

As I understand it BNSx allowed multiple names per wallet AND bidding. Can we make sure the new contract makes bidding easy too?

Another thought… there should ideally be consideration for the cost to current users to transfer/upgrade a domain holding on the v1 contract to the v2 contract, in the event a manual move is necessary.

If someone has 10 names and it cost 1 stx per tx to change to the new contract, that could quickly become a huge cost. An optimised contract so any tx is super cheap would. be a huge win here.

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Hello hello everyone,

I know it’s been quiet around here, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that I’ve finally wrapped up a draft of BNS-v2 that adheres to the feature-set laid out above.

My name is SetPato & I’m a part of the SetDev/StrataLabs team. With the support from Hank (& other Clarity seniors), Trust Machines, & Orange Domains, I now have the v2 at a point that I feel ready opening it up for greater community feedback & submitting it for an audit.

BNSv2 GitHub Repository

Please please please check out the contract, tests & pass on any & all feedback. We’re submitting the contract for an audit later this week; also later this week, I’ll deploy to testnet so that we can start testing collaboratively!

I’ll also shortly announce the work I’ve been doing for migration. In order to keep this update completely optional for the community, we’re going to airdrop every single active BNS-v1 token to v2.

Looking forward to the feedback & working with ya all!


@setpato and SetDev, thank you for spearheading this project. The idea of upgrading BNS was first discussed years ago, and now, with BNSv2 nearly ready to launch, we are thrilled and eager for this development!

While there is still significant work to enhance the utility of BNS names within the ecosystem, reaching this milestone marks a substantial leap forward in the right direction!

Thanks for sharing, excited to dig in. While I’m here, can you confirm how the transfer of existing assets on v1 would work?

Yes, we are currently gathering or Valid and Active BNS names.

We will be Airdropping all the names to the address that owns them at the time it happens.

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Great to hear. Presume there is a cut off date so you dont miss any domain movements after a certain point?

What about the current registration term, will the airdropped version reflect the same? 1 year left on v1, one year left on v2, regardless of registration period? Or is there a fresh term given? Quite important for the lower registration periods in particular, like .id - do people need to rush to renew the airdropped ones?

Yes, there will be a cut off point, still to be determined.

And name information will be completely mapped out, including renewal dates.

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Congrats Pato on wrapping up the BNS v2 contract!

Pato has been putting in a ton of work over the past few months on this, and he’s done a great job. I’ve personally reviewed the contracts twice (once earlier on, and again just last week) and I’m very impressed at the quality of work that was put into this. Everything is very clean, and there are a ton of tests to ensure everything works as expected.


Amazing! Great to hear Sato, and thank for for your hard work on this!

Will BNS V2 names be airdropped to BNS names that are wrapped as BNSx? I and the community have a number of BNSx names, and according to Gamma there’s around 3,389 names wrapped.

Recognising BNSx names when airdropping will make the transition to V2 even smoother, instead of needing to unwrap and transfer the name to a new address etc. I imagine this has been accounted for?

I was just checking out again… Where are the options to bridge back from L1 to L2?
The site was great before with the list of all bridged to L1 domains…


In order to get the matching v2 airdrop, do we…

  1. need to delist our BNS domains from gamma?
  2. need to bridge back our BNS domains that have been bridged to L1 through

Regarding your migration questions, I will come back with more updates on that, as it is still being worked on.

The one thing I can assure you is that it will be through airdrops and we will match all name properties exactly as they are.

Same question for those names still on L2 but within the BNSX wrapper…

Important thing I forgot to ask - does the contract include the ability to renew a domain for multiples of the registration duration? Much like ENS allows you to renew a .eth for 20 years by paying 20x the annual renewal cost, can we do the same across BNS? It was a key thing people were looking for I think.