Making BNS ready for prime time

Sorry but figured if people wanted to do some research into HNS, then Zach Brown does excellent blog coverage.

Just wondering Hank, is this soft-fork that the user’s opt in for akin to Handshake’s opt-in system? Installing resolvers on DNS servers, then you point your local DNS lookups to include the Handshake blockchain? Or is this something like a whole new browser being needed for lookups. (Puma Browser and Impervious). Either way or another… I’m pretty excited about this direction!

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So you would shut out humanity’s hope by raising the domain registry and renewal price to almost blackmail amounts because you’re angry someone had the foresight to register alot of 3 letter domains?

I’m getting broggled. Mind boggling + Mind Broken. :sweat_smile:


Such great news knowing we have some strong Mechanism team behind this critical piece of puzzle of DID. :fire:


We’re working on publishing more details and documentation, but we wanted to share details for app developers who have expressed interest in building with us on what we’re calling “BNS X”.