Login with blockstack not working on some apps

I am trying to use login with Blockstack with some apps, but for some reason it’s not working properly, the login basically stucks at the permission dialog.
This happens for your “Hello Blockstack” app or for this forum, here you can see a screen of my experience trying to login with blockstack on this forum you can also see the javascript consolle):

Other apps, like the app “Coins” work correctly.
I am using the latest version of your software on Mac, I have already tried resetting Blockstack, uninstalling and reinstalling Blockstack, and trying an incognito session,

Thanks a lot,


I also experienced this issue, but it was exclusive to the mobile PWA on my Google Pixel.

The “Hello Blockstack” had some outdated code that was updated over the weekend. If you clear the cache it should function normally with v0.23 of the Browser.

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I can confirm that this is now working :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot