Login from firefox mobile ia not working

Every time I attempt to log in with my block stack ID using the Firefox mobile Web browser it fails to authenticate Been having problems lately I can’t view afaria with Google Chrome I can’t log in to the form using Firefox However i can use afari with it

@lostsystem.id.blocks Sorry to hear you are having issues. Can you post the message you are getting or a screen capture please?

And for some reason or another my user name ends in .blocks on here

Disqus is truncating the username at 20 characters. That is why you do not see your entire username when you logging in with your Blockstack ID.

The error you are getting is coming from Disqus. Are you typing in that abbreviated name lostsystem.id.blocks or are you going through the Blockstack Browser authenticator.

I am using the blockstack authenticator It works when I use Chrome but it doesn’t work when I use Firefox for some reason

This might be related to this issue:

I’ll also try and test this myself today.