I wanna add Blockstack Auth to my traditional website, back-end is php

My traditional website stack architecture like these:
backend: php, front-end:js+jquery. server:nginx

and I noticed that an official docs tutorial mentioned some method, but that is based on ruby on rail websites. How can I add Blockstack Auth to my php website? Can your blockstack team write some new tutorials on how to add Blockstack Auth to traditional php/java/python website? I also curious how to store users’ data to Gaia Hub instead of mysql or integrate gaia to my php/java/python website compatible with mysql database.

Who wrote this tutorial? Could anyones share your method details and some logic?Thanks a lot.

@larry @jefreybulla.id

I wrote about adding Blockstack Auth to centralized apps here: Adding Blockstack Authentication to a Centralized App

It should be pretty straight forward to translate what’s going on in ruby to php or another language.

There is a WordPress plug-in for blockstack in php.

You could also send an encrypted auth token from the server.