How can I verify my Facebook account?

Hey! I clicked on the link and the page was not found. Are you sure the post is public? That is the only way that the software can recognize the verification.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I checked - the post is public and I even double-checked the security settings - everything seems to be OK.
Below is a print-screen of several tries.

Ah yes I see. Sorry about that! Last question is about how you edited the verification in the browser?

This is what I wrote above:
When editing your entries, you have to first delete all username and proof of verification URL fields, and click “verify” in order for it to reset. Here’s the step by step instructions Edit or Undo Verifications1

If you changed the links without going through that process first, your changes might have not gone through. :see_no_evil:

Well, deleted all previous FB posts, cleared the FB page verification as indicated, cleared browser, made a new verification post on FB - still not working ((
Can you please try to click a new link? Maybe it is FB problem.

Not exactly sure what is going on here, and apologies that you’re experiencing this! If you download the most recent version of browser (released Friday AM here: then it should only require one verification to register. Are you able to get the voucher through twitter or github verification? Those are pretty instant and easy verifications. Again, I’m really sorry! We appreciate your patience and feedback, and are working on improvements.

Thanks for your help, Gina. I spotted Blockstack only today, so everything is new )) I started the verification with Twitter - it was smooth indeed. Decided to add FB but it never worked out, as you know. Anyway, I registered for the voucher and will be waiting for the e-mail.

Okay got it! Thanks for reaching out and thank you for participating in the Blockstack Token Sale! :smile:

Ah sorry we just saw that the username you entered was: it should be just: Alex.Manera77

:ok_hand: Thanks! It looks like the issue has been resolved

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Hi, my won’t verify neither. I checked everything but still no success. Could you please look over it? :slight_smile:

Forgot the text in the post, but i made a new post. Still wont work :frowning:

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Hey Tom,

Thanks for reaching out! Your new post looks good. Did you make sure you deleted all fields and click verify again in order to reset the verification? That can be a bit confusing sometimes. [See here]
(Edit or Undo Verifications). Please let me know if this helps!

Unfortunately, it didn’t do the Job. Already tried a browser reset also.

Sorry about that. We’re working on making this process easier! Do you have one account registered for participation in the voucher sale, or is this the main one you’re using for verification? If so, please email [email protected] and we’ll be sure to figure it out for you.


I have already verified my twitter but I can’t seem to verify my Facebook. I’ve tried all the solutions listed on here.

My facebook post url is:

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out! Looks like it’s missing the text above the URL. Please see above for screenshots of the final post.

All the best,

Hello. I verified Twitter very easy but Facebook not working at all. Did the rest, cleared the verification and retried, cleared the browser and made new verification post. Nothing worked.
Here is the facebook post URL…

Please help.

Hey everyone,

Am i doing something wrong?

I tried to verify facebook and it is appearing as “unverified”

Link is

I am having he same issue with FB. The twitter verification worked quickly and easily.

Hey there!

Sorry that you’re experiencing this! On first glance, it looks like it’s missing the text above the URL. Please see above for screenshots of the final post! :slight_smile: