Gaia as user?

Hello! I have been following blockstack for a while now.

Today I thought I would become a blockstack “user” by using gaia for my file storage needs, essentially replacing aws s3.

My goal is to essentially keep all my files in gaia. I thought I would sign up, give credentials for s3, azure, or similar services, and start storing my files.

However, in reading over all docs, it looks like there is no s3-like interface for storing your files. gaia currently exists mostly as a resource for developers making apps.

Is this a correct impression, or is there something I’ve missed?



Your impression is correct!

If you want to store arbitrary files in your gaia hub, you’d want to make an app that allows for upload of arbitrary files.

For example, you could do this on iOS by creating an app like the Dropbox or Google Drive apps that is a FileProvider extension:

2 Likes @larry Here is an app I created for this use case, it’s still in development, not released yet. But I would love some feedback from you as you seem to have the exact requirement that I am trying to solve.


This is great. Thank you for posting this. We will get you feedback at latest Q1 2019.

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Hi @muneebm. Can you take a look at this post, User choice of Gaia hub now available during onboarding, and the section I wrote about my needs.

Can you take a look if you are able to provide this?